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CPR DVD, Yes Please

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Here's what you'll get in this DVD:
Scene 1. The Most Important Part of CPR
Scene 2. Infant CPR Techniques (+Common mistakes to avoid)
Scene 3. Simple Sequence (Exactly what to do in the event of an emergency)
Scene 4. AED Use (Explained and Demystified)
Scene 5. Choking Rescue (When and how to intervene during Choking
Scene 6. Child and Adult CPR (Apply all the principles for the older children)
      I want you to know EXACTLY what to do in the event of an emergency.  
      I've cut the fluff and given you the rationale to help you remember what to do.
      YOU GOT THIS!!

      Here is how it all started in my own words…

      My sweet friend called me a month after the birth of her first child. I lounged on my midcentury sofa as I listened to her fluster through her menial struggles. We laughed. Well, I laughed until she said something that changed the course of my life.
      Something that now serves you.
      I studied nursing. I set out to love others and impact lives. With a bit of naive confidence and my own daily mantra, “don’t mess up,” I started my career. The pediatric cardiac intensive care unit (for kids after open heart surgery) taught me more in my first month than four years in the university. Emergencies didn’t scare me anymore. Sure, that rush of adrenaline never goes away, but panic long-lost its edge over the six years leading up to this conversation.
      “I wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to my baby.” This is MY friend! The educated wife of an Anesthesiologist. The one with the pre-baby checklist. She went on to describe the white-walled, fluorescent-lit sterility where she took the CPR class, aka the hospital. “It sounded way too complicated and unfocused.” You see, she gave up learning everything that day because it was too hard to grasp any one thing. It sparked. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I thought about all the things that make a CPR class awful and dreamt up a scene where friends got together at home and just learned without all the external pressures and distractions you find in most classes. I eventually came up with the term “CPR Party” and the idea spread into a very useful reality for many parents.
      Four years after starting Precious Hearts, the feedback I receive after every single CPR class still overwhelms and humbles me. “No one ever explained it this way,” or “I never knew what CPR really did,” and best yet-with a bit of surprise-“I actually feel confident now.”
      I cherish the privilege of teaching a wide breadth of parents through private home parties and classes in a variety of settings. Teaching celebrity parents and everyday parents is the same…if they’re in my class, they want to be the best for their child. I love that!

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